TheBit Daily ( aims to lower the barrier of entry into the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology fields. TheBit informs readers, who range from beginners to experts, through its easy to understand “Guides” on the main concepts behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies. TheBit offers a free custom-curated newsletter that apprises users on the latest updates and events impacting the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sectors. This laymen’s terms newsletter keeps readers informed in just 3 minutes or less and is sent 3 times per week. The site also publishes interviews with leaders in the industry, which keep its audience at the forefront of this innovative technology. Moving forward, TheBit plans on expanding its platform to include community sourced resource discovery, informational videos and access to a social network focused on the blockchain ecosystem. TheBit was founded by Erica Amatori and Chris Hoyle, both of the College of William & Mary, the second oldest college in the nation.