Recent News for Spherix.


Spherix Announces Results of Studies to Explore Sports and N


Spherix Completes $500,000 Financing; Updates Planned Schedu


Spherix Announces New Agreements to Develop and Market D-Tag


Spherix Announces New Interim Chief Executive Officer


Spherix's Wholly Owned Subsidiary Sues AT&T Inc for Infringement of Patent for Geolocation of Cell Phones


Spherix Announces Settlement Agreement and Continued Monetization of Patent Portfolio


Spherix Announces the Closing of Private Placement of $2,235,000


Spherix Announces Additions to Technology Advisory Board in Areas of Licensing and Litigation Support.


Spherix Announces Private Placement as the Company Continues to Execute its Patent Monetization Program


General Patent Corporation Chairman and CEO Alexander Poltorak Joins Spherix Board


Spherix Announces Addition to Executive Team


Spherix to Open LD MICRO Invitational


Spherix Patent Litigation Against VTech and Uniden Both Assigned to Judge Participating in the Federal Patent Pilot Program


Spherix Announces Closing of Acquisition of North South Holdings


Spherix Initiates Suit Against Uniden for Continued Infringement of Intellectual Property


Spherix Initiates Lawsuit Under Cordless Handset Patents


Spherix v. VTech Telecommunications (AS FILED COMPLAINT)


Spherix Receives Shareholder Approval for Acquisition


Spherix Retains Leading Patent Licensing Team


Spherix Closes Rockstar Patent Acquisition


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CPIP - GAO Report Confirms No Patent Troll Litigation Problem

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Spherix asserts Nortel auction patents; Rockstar awaits its payday

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Spherix An Emerging Intellectual Property Stock On The Run

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How They Found The Next Vringo

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Why Spherix Inc. Could Double Or More In 2013

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Spherix Low Float Overhaul

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IAM - Spherix asserts Nortel auction patents

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IP Watchdog - GAO Report Finds No NPE Patent Litigation Crisis

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Study Shows Potential for D-tagatose as Sports Nutrition Ingredient

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The Hill - GAO report on economic impact from IP theft underwhelms

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Huffington Post - America's Looming IP Drain

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IAM Magazine - Litigation reform is unlikely to make much differenc

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