Spherix to Merge with CBM BioPharma, Inc

Company announced that it has entered into a merger agreement with CBM BioPharma, Inc (“CBM”) that will transform Spherix into an innovative pharmaceutical company with pioneering drugs and treatments focused on the multibillion dollar oncology therapeutics market.

CBM BioPharma, Inc is a privately held pharmaceutical company with exclusive drug development rights from world-renowned partners including Wake Forest Innovations and the University of Texas. CBM BioPharma, Inc has a team of leading drug development scientists who will be joining Spherix to advance technology. The CBM BioPharma, Inc platform focuses on the treatment of numerous cancers, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML), acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and pancreatic cancer.



Spherix is committed to advancing innovation by active participation in all areas of the patent market. Spherix draws on portfolios of pioneering technology patents to partner with and support product innovation. Through its recently announced acquisition of over a hundred patents from Rockstar Consortium Inc and its previously announced acquisition of several hundred patents issued to Harris Corporation, Spherix intends to expand its activities in wireless communications and telecommunication sectors including antenna technology, Wi-Fi, base station functionality, and cellular. Spherix recently announced a second settlement and license agreement under the CompuFill patents, which were acquired in September 2013, that provides further validation of the company's capabilities to drive value from its ever growing IP portfolio.



Spherix management has a proven track record of delivering high returns in patent licensing, delivering high returns in patent price arbitrage, and delivering high returns in distressed IP investing. Spherix provides an opportunity to access the track record of seasoned patent monetization professionals to invest in a new and emerging asset class of uncorrelated, unregulated investment opportunities through a single investment vehicle.



Spherix has launched a broad Intellectual Property (IP) monetization initiative adding to its drug development and patenting expertise.The Spherix team identifies undervalued IP assets held by individuals, universities and corporations. We look to monetize the undervalued assets while supporting product innovation and seek to recover value for shareholders through partnerships, licensing and enforcement.